On the last Sunday of 2014, Sasha & Abby were hiking the Los Liones trail in the Pacific Palisades through Topanga Canyon and during conversation thought it would be a fun idea to try a new hike every week through 2015, ending with hike number 50 a year from now. While they talked through this idea, they decided it would be fun to document each week’s hike.

Hence, this blog.

Every week through this year, they will share their hiking experiences with a little bit of snark, a little bit of humor, probably too many photos, the good and the bad of each trail, some tips and recommendations if others are interested in trying and most importantly, how many times each of them trips over a rock or complains about something hurting. Also, lunch options post-hike. Because, really, food is why we all work out anyway, right?

If you’re interested in joining, and you’re fun, shoot them an email. If you have any trails they should definitely try, let them know in the comments section. If you have questions, ask away.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Once we get to spring and summer, you guys will have to make it out to the San Gabriels. Some of the best hikes and views are in this area. They’re a bit rough right now if you’re not used to snow and ice hiking, but by April, they’ll be ready to go. You could also do the So Cal six pack of peaks which is very popular. Have fun!


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